Tip Of The Month

Orange Scented Deodorizer

Tip of the month – December

All the Super C Deodorant products are shorter term scents than the Eliminate II. Which is more of a long-term deodorant odor remover. Super C products are classified as an odor counteractant and Eliminate II is classified as a malodor counteractant.

heavy duty carpet cleaning solution

Tip of the month – October

Before cleaning the carpets. Always vacuum first. Then pre-spray the carpets with Traffic  Lane Plus. Then set up your carpet machine with Extracto 77 and clean your carpets and let them dry thoroughly before walking on them.

disinfectant cleaner

Tip of the month – September

To eliminate any form of mold from water damage or moisture, which could be in the form of white, green or black. Spray on SOLI Ad Bac 4227 and scrub the area after ten minutes and wipe. Repeat if necessary

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